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Carte Blanche Lecture

As design researchers, we the students of the master's program have spent the past months writing, planning, and presenting in the academic context. We have reviewed articles, papers, and books of others and built up our own theoretical background for the master's thesis. I wanted to use the opportunity with the Carte Blanche lecture, an event where the students can organize the curriculum of one day, to peek into the real world. But also to regain motivation, inspiration, and also endurance for the upcoming months.

To provide the students with an inside look on different approaches to design as a business, I have invited two practitioners who will talk a bit about their experience working as a designer in the industry. We will explore the role of the designer in the relationship to clients, the design community and the society as a whole. We will discuss successes as well as failures. It should be an honest discourse about the pros and cons of different working models.

For this lecture I have invited Oliver Reichenstein, CEO of Information Architects and Julian Zimmermann, partner at DEUTSCHE UND JAPANER. I strongly believe both will have interesting stories to tell and relevant cases to discuss.

Here's to official invitation in German: carteblanche_einladung.pdf