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Presentation 3: Experiment

In the final colloquium of the first semester on June 1, 2012, I presented the state of my disposition that outlines the work from the past months and gives a perspective on the months to come. I presented the refined research questions that I broke down in three parts as follows.

The essential question of this thesis is, how the content and representation model of personal financial information influences understanding for inexperienced people. Central to this is the question, what specific configuration of information is relevant, meaningful and useful to the user in the different contexts of handling finances. Concomitant,
I strive to answer the question, how the visual and functional design of an instrument for the exploration, evaluation and communication of personal financial information needs to be, to facilitate an intuitively accessible, memorable and actionable comprehension. I also went in more detail about the knowledge gap that I plan to fill, the methods I will apply, what the results will be and how I they will be discussed.

The full presentation can be viewed on Speaker Deck.