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Junior Design Research Conference

On November 15th 2012 we attended the Junior Design Research Conference at the Université Ouvrière de Genève. JDRC is an autonomous event, dedicated to discussing and promoting the research attitudes, research works, and research projects of design students. More than 180 students discuss together their personal Master Thesis and engage in a very ambitious exchange of ideas, of methods, of questions.

In the morning, we heard 12 presentation of Master projects that are either freshly completed or still under development. Hearing from other design students how they approach their topics, what methods they conduct and what challenges they face was very insightful. Together with Gerda Gaudenz, I was asked to present my design research project and thereby represent the Master of Arts in Design program of the Zurich University of the Arts. The full presentation can be viewed on Speaker Deck. One key learning from the presentation was to introduce the research question early on, so the audience can always compare the theory and the methodology with the initial intent.

In the afternoon, the students had the option to choose between 12 different workshops conducted by fellow students and professors. I was responsible for a workshop that centered around my general topic of information visualization. I decided to focus on persuasion in information design and prepared a collaborative exercise and topics to discuss. I had the pleasure to work with a group of around 15 students for 2 hours. More information on the workshop outcome will be documented in a separate entry.