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User Activities

During the observation the user will be asked to answer a set of questions by using the instrument. These are examples for basic question-driven activities with personal finances:

  • How does a reduction of [a] impact my wealth?
  • How does an increase in [b] impact my wealth?
  • How would my liquidity look like in the case of [c]?
  • Can I afford to buy [d]?
  • When can I afford to increase my spending for [e]?
  • How much do I spend for [f]?
  • How do I have to change my spending to achieve [g]?
  • If I didn't do [h], how would my wealth look like?

These types of activities can be abstracted into the sequence of Question → Information → Answer and can be seen as an alternative to the goal-driven activity as represented by the sequence Goal → Tasks → Action steps. The main difference is the focus on content in the question-driven sequence and focus on functionality in the goal-driven sequence.