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Weekly Review No. 3

The goal for this week's workshop conducted by Stefano Vannotti, Franziska Nyffenegger and Björn Franke about research oriented project development is the development of a clear and precise research plan, the articulation of the question and hypothesis for our research and three artifacts to communicate our project. The required deliverable consists of the abstract for our work, a slideshow that represents the field in which we conduct our research and a flyer to communicate it.

During the workshop I sketched a few concepts regarding the touch points of users with financial information:

  • consultant → ← user (a lot of trust required)
  • information → user (a lot of knowledge required)
  • user → investment (a lot of knowledge required)

I also sketched a few contextual inquiry situations that I would like to explore:

  • Monolog: information → user
  • Dialog: consultant → ← user
  • Hypthesis: instrument → ← user (information, action and reaction)

As deliverable I handed in my idea sketch consisting of three sections explaining what I will do, how I will do it and why it is important. It can be viewed in full length here.